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Look beyond the commonly accepted approach.
Seek opportunities for modifying or adapting existing practices.

Provide consistent and tailor-made solutions to optimize the workflow and keep the business healthy.



Effective allocation and management of resources to optimize productivity and minimize waste.

Supervise the planning of all in-house teams as well as that of the pool of external freelancers.

Serve as a gatekeeper for projects, working closely with account services to follow up on briefings,

but most of all creating a seamless workflow to ensure the experts have the time and resources

to deliver their best work.

Guide (and adjust) the project managers in making the most efficient project plannings. 

Translate all different project plannings into the best possible resource planning.

Determine the most suitable (in-house or external) experts to meet project requirements.

Check with experts to make sure they have all necessary input to start the project.

Support project managers in making briefings available on time and in project follow-up

or other administrative tasks.

Follow up on employee timesheet and send friendly reminders if necessary.

Search for the best external talents to continuously enrich the pool of freelancers.

Keep an eye on the future and identify potential planning issues before they arise. 

Report to the Talent Director to communicate ongoing progress or problems.

Delegate & coordinate tasks to achieve maximum productivity.

Plan, organize, prioritize & oversee workload.

Build trust internally and externally


Rationalization of operational processes between different departments.

Managing and overseeing day-to-day operations within the organization, ensuring the smooth running of all departments and processes.

Develop and implement strategic plans to achieve organizational goals and objectives, aligning operational activities with overall business strategy.

Identifying areas for improvement in operational processes, implementing best practices and streamlining workflows to improve efficiency and productivity.

Ensuring that products or services meet or exceed quality standards.

Collaborate with vendors to build strong relationships, negotiate contracts, and ensure timely delivery of goods and services while maintaining profitability.

Managing budgets, tracking expenses, and identifying opportunities to reduce costs without compromising quality or efficiency.

Cross-Functional Collaboration: Work closely with other departments, such as finance, marketing, and human resources, to foster collaboration, facilitate communication, and achieve organizational goals.

Promote a culture of continuous improvement and innovation 



Photo production management

Work closely with the client, art director, photographer, and other team members to understand project goals and expectations.

Develop a detailed plan for the photo shoot, taking into account locations, dates, times, models, equipment needed, etc.

Budget and Negotiation: manage the authorized budget for the project and ensure that all expenses are appropriate to available resources. Negotiating contracts with models, stylists, makeup artists, equipment suppliers, filming locations, etc.

Logistics: Ensure that all logistical details are taken care of. This includes booking filming locations, arranging travel for the crew and models, managing necessary permissions and permits, coordinating meals and accommodations if required.

Team management: During the photo shoot, the photo producer supervises the production team. She makes sure that everything goes according to schedule, manages any unforeseen events or technical problems and ensures that everyone fulfills their role effectively.

Post-production: Once the photoshoot is complete, the photo producer may be involved in selecting the best images, coordinating with retouchers, and overseeing the post-production process.

Responsible for the complete management of a photographic project, from its planning to its final realization.

Ensure that all parties involved work harmoniously and that the project respects the defined objectives, budget and deadlines.

Provide freedom


Executive video production: TV commercials (advertising industry) & videoclips (music industry)

Participate in the development of the concept and the team of the script of the video project, working in close collaboration with the writers, directors and other members of the creative department.

Help define the artistic vision and general direction of the project.

Financial Management: responsible for overseeing the project budget. This includes estimating production costs, negotiating contracts with cast, crew, and vendors, and tracking expenses throughout the production process.

Recruitment and management of the team including directors, directors of photography, editors, technicians, etc.

Encourage people to venture into the depths of creativity.



Event production & management

Produce and manage press events and boutique openings.

Eager to pursue new ideas or innovative approach when possible

Try to be an active member for cultural change

Strong work ethic

All services can be adapted to the specific needs of each client.

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