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Harmony. Commitment. Integrity.

When I started offering planning services several years ago, I admit that I didn't know what to expect. 

It turns out that I have it in my blood: it suits me perfectly. 

Planning runs in my veins … as I’m an adept of fluidity, balance and consistency.

Given my background as a photographer's agent, I also know how to set up photo productions, manage teams, locations and budgets.

Equally open to others sectors, I have extensive experience in the advertising industry and am, willing and able to put my skills at the service of new challenges. 

I show initiative, adaptability and flexibility and contribute positively to the company's culture. In doing so, I help create an environment where the Four Freedoms are supported.

I like to demonstrate ethical behavior and good judgement.

I work as a freelancer (independent contractor) so, "à la carte"...

I am available for specific missions 

and remain open for a fixed position.

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